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No Child Sleeps Outside

homelessThere may be a homeless crisis in the Seattle area, but there is recent good news that focuses on making sure that no child sleeps outside. The organization Mary’s Place has recently raised over $4.5 million in just over 30 days for the No Child Sleeps Outside campaign, aimed at ending family homelessness in the region. This article from Seattle Times highlights the Seattle companies like Starbucks, Nordstrom and Microsoft who were involved in the campaign and got customers to support the cause and matched donations.

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Facebook Expanding In Seattle


Photo Credit: Geek Wire 

A recent article from GeekWire reports that Facebook is branching out and expanding its office space in the Seattle area. The social media company opened its first Seattle engineering office in 2010, near Pike Place Market and moved on to occupy multiple floors in the Metropolitan Park complex near Interstate 5. Facebook a great example of how out-of-town tech companies are investing in Seattle. More recently, according to a year-end report from real estate brokerage the Broderick Group, it looks like Facebook has leased the 150,621-square-foot 1101 Westlake building in the South Lake Union neighborhood, which will likely bring more employees and possibly more jobs to the Seattle area. For more on the company’s expansion in Seattle, click here.

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Seattle Housing Market: What to Expect in 2017

seattleThis year the Seattle housing market will see an increase in competition, while the supply for houses is low, only 1600 houses on the market in December, the demand is still high.

In 2016, we saw the priciest year ever for Seattle-area real estate, although home-price gains have started to slow slightly and most experts think the biggest increases might be behind us.

On the flip side, the rental market is booming, which might mean that although people are moving in and around the city, they are not selling their homes in order to move. Additionally, apartment and condo buildings continue to be built and are filled with tenants.

This article from the Seattle Times gives an overview of the current state of the Seattle housing market and what to expect as a buyer, seller, renter or owner.

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Happy Holidays from Phillips Real Estate

Everyone at Phillips Real Estate Services hope you and yours have a Wonderful Holiday! rsz_happy-holidays-card-3

If you are curious how others around the globe celebrate the winter holidays, click here to see a list of how other countries celebrate! 

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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Alternative Resources To Help the Homeless

Sadness of boy in the city

Are there more ways that we could be providing help to the homeless? This article highlights how Colorado is using $3 million from marijuana tax to provide food and housing for the homeless.  It is an interesting concept, considering there has been a lot of debate across the US to legalize marijuana, but in the case of Colorado, these tax dollars are going to good use to help those in need.  Read on to learn about the positive impact this new taxable resource is having on the community in various Colorado cities.

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Holiday Season Is Approaching

zoo-lightsIt’s December now and you know what that means… The holiday season is approaching! For some the holidays can mean stress and spending money, but for others it can mean spending time with friends and family enjoying the holiday spirit. If you would like to enjoy this holiday season, one way to celebrate is by taking in all the holiday lights and decorations around the Seattle area. This article from the Seattle Times shares all the different holiday light displays and activities that are going on now until the New Year. The Woodland Park Zoo and Point Defiance Zoo both have evening light displays, Bellevue Botanical Gardens as well as a number of neighborhoods and other parks also are lighting up this holiday season. Tis the season to get out of the house and enjoy the festivities!!



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Thinking of Moving to Canada Now?

You may want to consider a few things before packing up and moving North

You may want to consider a few things before packing up and moving North

Are you considering a move to Canada after the recent election? You’re not alone, Seattle-based real estate database Zillow said it saw a 1,200 percent spike in interest for the search term “Zillow Canada” on Google after the election results came in, reports the The Seattle Times. Although, some people are looking for a way out of the country, real estate experts don’t expect many people will actually pick up and move, the process would likely take months. Just one of the many changes we may see in the new administration.

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A New Way To Invest In Real Estate

house-moneyCrowdfunding has been used to help people in need pay for medical bills or to clean up after a natural disaster, now a real estate investment company is using crowdfuning to encourage people to invest in a new housing development in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. The company, New York-based EquityMultiple is currently planning an 11-unit town home development and is seeking people to invest anywhere from $5,000 to $400,000 to help build the project. The homes are projected to sell out by December 2018, with a 20 to 24 percent net internal rate of return for investors, the company said. To read more about the project click here for the full article form KOMO News.

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Affordable Housing or New Police Precinct?

affordable housingThe big question in North Seattle: should we put $160 million dollars towards a new North Precinct for the Seattle Police Department or put that money towards building some affordable housing in the city? This story from King 5 News, discusses city council member Kshama Sawant’s proposal to dump the precinct project altogether and her suggestion to use the money for affordable housing. Her argument is that this money should be used to help those in need in the community. She feels the current precinct is in fine condition and there are more important needs in our community right now. Click here to read more and see the video and debate over the issue and more news on this issue can be found here as well.

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Seattle Needs A Better Way to Deal with Homelessness

An estimated 400 people lived in a three-mile stretch under I-5 known as "the Jungle." Photo Credit: The Stranger

An estimated 400 people lived in a three-mile stretch under I-5 known as “the Jungle.”
Photo Credit: The Stranger

When people protested outside the Mayor’s house after the close of the Jungle, a homeless camp in Seattle that was shut down to work on the freeway, we saw an amazing display of compassion in our city, which is wonderful. Unfortunately, this is not enough to fix the homeless problem in Seattle. As Dave Ross explains in his article, “At some point, the city is going to have to set aside a piece of land that has $400 garden sheds and portable toilets if they want everyone to have some kind of shelter.” Currently, the city continues to use high priced real estate to try and house small groups of displaced people, the city is still very expensive to live in and there are not enough low-income buildings to house all the people that need shelter or enough resources dedicated to help those in need.  Read the full article for more insight on the issue, and feel free to comment on your thoughts on this pressing issue in Seattle and other areas.

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