Posted by: phillipsre | May 20, 2011


Thanks for visiting! Phillips Real Estate is a full  service real estate company serving the Seattle area since 1977.  We currently manage over 400 varied locations in the Puget Sound region. We have a strong infrastructure to support our quality office staff of 50 Phillips employees, and over 300 on-site client employees.  We offer access to the breadth of benefits of a large management firm with the personal approach of a small company in an effort to provide our clients with the highest level of customer service.

The goal for this blog is to keep our clients, tenants, friends and anyone interested in Seattle and the real estate market, informed on what is new in the area or the industry.

For the first entry, I want to share an article that has circulated around the office and our facebook page. The Seattle Time recently reported that the rental market is starting to shift to a landlords market. This is great news for our industry! For our owners and potential clients it is a clear indicator that we can raise rents and be a bit more picky when choosing tenants. On the tenant side, although rent increases may not be your favorite thing, this means that there are a lot more options to choose from and landlords are putting more investment in their property with upgrades to get the top dollar and quality tenants. Read more for the full article: 

And stay tuned for more updates!


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