Posted by: phillipsre | June 24, 2011

Foreclosures Happen… What’s a Neighbor to do???

         It’s not really a news story to say that foreclosures are happening all over the country. Since the downturn in the Real Estate market many people have been affected by foreclosures, they are still happening and people are still dealing with banks and lenders trying to dig themselves out.

         But what happens to the neighbors of the foreclosures? In neighborhoods, condos and housing communities how do the foreclosure and the bank owned properties effect the neighbor that DOES pay their mortgage?  These home owners are left to watch the grass grow, see boards put up over windows and noticed posts on your doors. When you are looking to keep your curb appeal looking nice and presentable it does draw the question of what can you do?  Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do unless you are willing and able to get legal approval to actually make repairs, pull the weeds and cut the grass. The best plan would be to contact your home owner association, the asset management company or bank that is taking over the property and ask for authorization to access the property. This is a lot to ask of the neighborhood, but if it means your property value stays up, it might be worth the effort!


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