Posted by: phillipsre | October 7, 2011

From Horsetails to Horseshoes….

From Horsetails to Horseshoes… An Outdoor Space Makeover

Nestled on the Westside of Queen Anne Hill is an Apartment Building, 5th Avenue North Apartments. The building is well taken care of under the property management of Phillips Real Estate Services. A few months ago the property manager and the building  owner decided that the overgrowth of the grounds was more than one resident manager could maintain. The yard and common areas were overgrown. Blackberry bushes, ivy, large bushes and tons of unwanted plants were growing out of control. The property manager enlisted the help of a trusted vendor, Landscribers, a local Seattle business, specializing in Commercial and Residential landscape maintenance.  

Landscribers did not have the simple “clean-up the property” project on their hands. Yes, they had a lot of plants to clear away, but they also had some major logistical problems to overcome.  As a lot of Seattle residents know Queen Anne is a tightly populated neighborhood, houses and buildings are very close to each other, large yards and open spaces are hard to come by. The challenge for Landscapers comes when  the property manager tells them that the work is not being done in the front garden, that is seen in the photo above. The outdoor space that needs work is actually located on the FIFTH level of the building. And no there is not a side driveway to get up there. See the photo below, this shows the overgrowth that needed to be cleared away on the upper level.  

Landscribers had to bring in all their equipment, dirt, gravel, and tools through the buildings elevators! Not to mention all the plants and shrubs that needed to be removed. All of it – up and down to the fifth level, through the elevators!  Landscribers took on the project, and despite the obstacles and challenges completed the work in just two weeks – working tirelessly to create a wonderful community environment for the building and the residents.   

The yard was specifically designed for a lot of traffic with gravel stones in the paths and low maintenance plants that will be easy to take care of for the resident manager. The timing was perfect as well, the project was completed just in time for our Seattle summer – the last few weeks of September. The tenants are now able enjoy their new outdoor space! BBQing outside, playing horseshoes in their new pit and enjoying the Seattle view without any obstructions!  


The results have been amazing!


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