Posted by: phillipsre | October 14, 2011

Something a “little” different…

I read this article yesterday about the reasons why you should by a small house. This is something that I have been thinking about quite a bit these days. As an active real estate broker and working for a real estate company for the last 7 years, I have watched the market go up and down. When the market was hot my thoughts used to be all about what could I get for my house and what type of house could we “Buy Up” to – but now my thoughts are changing. After reading the article about downsizing and researching a lot of about living simply, now I think what can we “Downsize to” – how can we get rid of all our stuff so we are not constantly picking up toys, doing dishes and doing laundry? If we bought a smaller house would we really have more time to play with our kids, read more books and enjoy life more fully? 

When I discussed this question with my husband (aka sent him a link to the article), this is the link he sends back to me (yes that’s how we communicate sometimes). He of course goes to the extreme, but it is a thought to consider. What about a micro home? As mentioned in the article, with the tough economic times and the down turn of the housing industry, people are looking at all their options and joining the “mini house” movement. This is the complete opposite of the McMansion that we saw at the height of the real estate market. But the question is – is there really a market for these types of homes? The answer is yes –  People are buying Micro Homes, living more simply, living greener and saving tons of money. Take a tour of some of these homes, they are actually really cool. Now, as a family of four (with two small children), I am not sure that this is completely realistic, but possibly for the couple that is ready to downsize to a simpler life, or even for a single person just starting off.  Or maybe it’s a necessity, like the story of the son that built a micro home for his mom who lost everything during Hurricane Katrina.  He has a large plot of land in Redmond, WA and now his mom has a house again. I love the snowy photos!

The Friday thought for today: Would you trade it all in for a small house, a lot of land and lot more time for yourself and your family?



  1. I would trade it all, as long as I could be self-sufficient as well!

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