Posted by: phillipsre | October 21, 2011

When in doubt, look to the experts

Two articles passed over my desk today that illustrate the importance of property management and I felt they needed to be shared with this community. The first article is fairly straight forward, but for those new to property management and trying to determine if maybe they can manage their property on their own, this is a good article that will point out the reasons why hiring an expert in the industry is the right choice when it comes to managing your property.

The next article from the Seattle Times was a bit disturbing. The fact that property owners in the Seattle area are victimizing and discriminating against renters is really upsetting. There are laws set to avoid housing discrimination, and each person should have a fair chance at renting a property as long as they are qualified. As it turns out, some of the property owners that were discriminating have been charged. When an owner hires a property management company they can rest assure the management company will comply with all the laws and every potential renter will be treated fairly.   

The bottom line is that in most industries it is best to hire or at least consult with the experts in the field first before trying things out on your own.   



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