Posted by: phillipsre | December 28, 2011

Refinancing Might be The Right Solution

For those folks that might be underwater on their mortgage refinancing might be the right solution to pull yourself out. A recent article from Kiplinger details the recent relaunch of the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP). If you currently owe more than your home is worth you may qualify for a lower-interst mortgage. This is positive news for those that feel like they are throwing their money at black hole, this way you can actually gain some equity in your house.

Even if you are not underwater in your mortgage, refinancing may be the right choice as well. The rates currently are very low and by refinancing you may be able to lower your monthly payment. Which might come in handy after all that holiday spending. This article discusses some of the reasons it might make sense.

If this is something that you are interested in and looking for more information, let us know and we can referr you to one of our partners that specialize in refinancing. There are also some great links in these articles like: or The internet is great to gather information, but it is usually better to talk with someone in-person to get a personalized analysis of your specific situation.


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