Posted by: phillipsre | December 31, 2011

Here comes the New Year!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

2011 is coming to a  close and this is a good time to review the last 12 months. This year we have seen a lot in the news about the housing industry, the rental market and property management. Prices for houses are still low and we have also learned that the winter months are a good time to sell your home. This news is great for real estate investors and for those that are thinking about investing in real estate. With the prices low investors are also finding that property management companies will make their lives a lot easier and their investment a bit more profitable (with the time savings and advice gleaned from the experts).  Property management is no longer the “ugly part of the business” it has become a necessity for a lot of owners and investors that don’t want to be bothered with renting and re-renting homes. And because the rental market is so strong, they are able to profit (even with an added management expense).

When looking ahead to the next year and your investment properties, here is an article from this year’s TRENDS event  (written by Phillips’ Director of the Residential Group).  This article outlines a lot of good ideas to implement for your property, even if everything is running smoothly, here are some tips to make it even smoother!

Hopefully, 2012 will be a strong year for the housing and rental markets. We will do our best to keep an eye on the trends and share the news and highlights!

Have a wonderful and festive New Year! Please remember to be responsible and safe!


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