Posted by: phillipsre | March 13, 2012

Update from WSCAI Legislative Action Committee

News from the Washington State Community Association Institute — Regular legislative sessions ended last week, March 8th, during the session there were a few pieces of legislation that dealt directly with community associations, below is a recap of those bills:

  1. Common Interest Community Managers – Substitute Senate Bill 6325 exempts CICMs from having to become a licensed real estate broker.  The WSCAI LAC drafted this legislation and worked with lawmakers to move it through the process. The legislation is necessary because the Department of Licensing notified WSCAI that if the legislature does not act this legislative session the Department will enforce their interpretation of the law and require CICMs to be licensed real estate brokers. The DOL interpretation does not benefit the homeowners who hire CICMs, nor the CICMs themselves. This bill passed the House of Representatives and the State Senate unanimously.  We are now awaiting the Governor to take action. State Senator Janea Holmquist-Newbry (R-Moses Lake) prime sponsored the legislation that is now before the Governor. Representative Mary Helen Roberts (D-Lynnwood) sponsored a House version of the bill, both legislators were key to the passage of the legislation. However, without the advocacy of WSCAI members and active participation of those who came to Olympia to testify before committees we would not have been successful. The LAC thanks all who were active on this legislation.
  2. Electronic Notice of Meetings – House Bill 1259, prime sponsored by Rep. Larry Seaquist (D-Gig Harbor), is a carryover from the 2011 session. It would allow for meeting notices to be sent by electronic transmission as long as the owner provides written consent. The original bill allowed electronic transmission unless an owner elected otherwise. It was amended to address our concerns to require an ‘opt in’ as opposed to ‘opt out’ requirement for electronic notification.  Unfortunately this bill failed to pass before the designated deadline and is now considered “dead”.
  3. Quorum Requirements – Senate Bill 6294, prime sponsored by Senator Craig Pridemore (D-Vancouver), comes from a HOA in Vancouver where most the homes are owned by the bank and fulfilling quorum requirements are nearly impossible.

Under the proposed legislation if an association requires more than 34 percent of the votes of the association be present for a quorum at a meeting of the association, any owner of that association who has at least 10 percent of the votes in the association (or at least three owners in associations with ten or less properties), may petition the court in the county where the association is located to lower the quorum requirement to 34 percent.

We (WSCAI) supported this legislation, but unfortunately it failed to pass before the designated deadline and is now considered “dead”.

For more information on any of these bills please visit  or on Washington State Community Association Institute  


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