Posted by: phillipsre | May 4, 2012

Thinking of Investing in Rental Property?

If investing in rental property is on your list of things to do you would benefit from reading this article on Tips for Future Property Moguls.  There are a lot of important issues to consider and its not as simple as finding a cool property and collecting rent. The real estate market is still fluctuating so finding a property that meets your needs and actually will cash flow are very important factors to consider. If you property is not bringing money in than its not really an investment, is it? Another thing to consider is the life and longevity of your property and how long do you want to be a landlord or property investor. By holding on to the property longer will allow it to appreciate and will likely bring in more cash flow over time. There a number of other great tips in this article. If you are interested in purchasing an investment property, feel free to contact us here at Phillips and we can help you evaluate the value of the property and determine if it is a godo investment or not.


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