Posted by: phillipsre | May 14, 2012

Downtown – Denny Triangle is going to see some changes… is sharing its planning documents on the new buildings that are going to be built  in the coming years. Along with these 3 towers and outdoor space will also come a number of residential buildings. Check out the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Article on Amazon’s Plan. I just wonder if people really do want to live THAT close to where they work? I do understand the image of no commute and the luxury of working walking across the street to work, but on that same token, if you are the guy that works across the street are you the one that needs to come in when their is an emergency in the middle of the night or on those lovely snow days when the roads are closed and the city shuts down? Just some food for thought. Bottom line, this is ALL great news for the city, more jobs, more homes to live in, the economy just might be coming back!


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