Posted by: phillipsre | July 11, 2012

Home Smart Home – Smart or Dumb Idea?

Home Sweet Home, turns into Home Smart Home – are we ready for that? This article is an interesting look on what we can expect in the future, how it might actually save money and energy and why some folks are not on board. Thoughts are mixed on whether it will happen by 2020, although I am sure there are number of houses out there that are smarter than average. If the shift to a smarter home means the home is more efficient because “people are able to manage consumption of resources (electricity, water, food, even bandwidth) in ways that place less of a burden on the environment while saving households money”, this seems like a good choice, but on the other side of the street, people don’t necessarily want their homes to be too smart, people like to keep it simple. They will stick with the super smart phone in their pocket, they don’t need it in the house too. It’s always nice to see both sides of the story.

What do you think? Will the home of the future be here in 2020 or should we keep it simple??


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