Posted by: phillipsre | September 17, 2012

Making Your Own Home

Building a home may be a dream for some people, for others it might be the only solution to their housing needs. This article from the Seattle Times is a thoughtful story of what people go through to get their homes built. For one family, it was all about finishing their house before their child was born and creating the home that fits the needs for their growing family. For the other family, they were faced with new challenges and forced to make new decisions when their new home plans, sadly, did not end up how they expected. For both families, with new beginnings or endings, their homes were created and designed  by the owners which gives each home personality and history for the years to come. Buying a home is a very personal and challenging experience, there are so many houses to look at and features to consider, to create your own home is likely just as challenging and even more personal as every decision is your own. Something for those in the market for a new home to consider – maybe buying land or a smaller home in the neighborhood you are drawn to is the way to go, if you have the time, energy and resources to build. So many options!


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