Posted by: phillipsre | October 9, 2012

Good News: There is room for everyone!

As the housing market is starting to get back on its feet again, people in the multi-housing industry have had concerns that maybe that will have a negative effect on the multi-housing. But news is out that there is room for both the single-family housing market and multifamily sector to succeed at the same time. This report from REIT, focuses on the indicators that there will still be a need for both single family and multi-family housing. Yes, interest rates are low, so people will still want to get a house now when they can afford it and not have huge interest rates, but in the end people still like their flexibility, and renting a single family home or an apartment might be the right answer for others. The bottom line, there are always two sides of the coin and people will choose what is right for their family, but what that means for the housing market is as long as people are still looking for a place to live there will be options out there for everyone!


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