Posted by: phillipsre | February 19, 2013

Gondolas in the City?

SG_Sentosa_02Traffic is a constant headache for most commuters. No matter how you travel, by car, by bus, even by bike, you will still be dealing with the multiple amount of people all trying to get home from their work day. Now, a few “Seattle Thinkers” are suggesting a gondola route in Downtown Seattle to help people move above the traffic. For real! Check out this article from the Seattle Times. There are quite a few questions and discussions that would need to take place before something like this could ever be possible. The biggest issue would be the price tag, an estimated $10 million dollars, to help folks get from South Lake Union to Capitol Hill eight minutes quicker. Another challenge would be planning the route and getting around all the high rises from Downtown through Lake Union up to Queen Anne.

I am definetly a fan of Gondolas… when I am skiing! But apparently it is working in other cities like in PortlandVancouver and Singapore (pictured above), these sky transit options are helping folks get to their destinations quicker. But I am curious what people living in the neighborhoods of Capitol Hill, Queen Anne and South Lake Union think of this type of transportation? Maybe it would be cool to travel up above the traffic and get home a little quicker. Thoughts???


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