Posted by: phillipsre | March 4, 2013

Sequestration Suspends Issuance of Section 8 Vouchers

Last week, President Obama signed the order for across the board spending cuts for the entire federal government. These budget cuts or the “Sequestration“, will be effecting all areas of federal funding, from airports to child care to housing. Specifically, King County Housing Authority will now be suspending funding  for Section 8 housing vouchers. The housing authority, generally, provided between 45 and 50 vouchers to elderly or disabled households, veterans and families with children. The vouchers provide rental assistance for those in need. This reduction in vouchers will be causing even more challenges for those low-income families that are already struggling with unemployment in the current recession.

More information can be here and here, there are a number of different opinions on these issues, and in one article it states that “Active military personnel and anti-poverty and low-income assistance programs are largely protected from the cuts”, although that does not seem to be the case here in King County, hopefully this will only be a short-term suspension and the government can figure out a way to fund the important resources that our country needs and cut the funding for those less needed issues.



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