Posted by: phillipsre | March 27, 2013

Compass Housing Alliance Opens Nyer Urness House in Ballard for Homeless

Urness-House-InfoPostcardStarting in early April, Compass Housing Alliance, will be opening the Nyer Urness House which will  provide formerly homeless men and women with safe and comfortable permanent housing. Located at 1753 NW 56thSt in Ballard, the all new, modern Nyer Urness House will house 80 chronically homeless individuals in studio style apartments. The building will also have a community room, a roof top garden, 24 hour on site support from social workers who will also provide concierge services for the building. They will be the eyes and ears of the building to provide support to those that need it and enforce the house rules.

Based on this years One Night Count, volunteers found that over 2700 people in Seattle lack basic shelter. The opening of this home will allow at least some of the folks with out shelter in Ballard and surrounding areas a place to sleep, get food and the support they need for the ongoing struggles they battle every day.

The Nyer Urness House will have an official open house for the public on April 7th and they are always looking for volunteers to sponsor apartments for those that can not afford them, help with the daily food service and provide supplies for the apartments as well. If you are interested in helping, click here.



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