Posted by: phillipsre | January 10, 2014

Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

homeAs a renter, you might move frequently and feel a bit more transitional. Additionally, when you are renting a property, it can be difficult sometimes to make your rental apartment or house feel like YOUR home. This is a great article about a Washington DC designer that was living in a small rental apartment in DC, and how she made it her own. Using some cost saving ideas and tips to add space and personality. Check out the whole article for some inspiration. Find additional great tips here as well. Just remember to check with your landlord before doing any major work like painting, changing hardware or removing anything that is built in. Most the time if the home needs some updates and you are willing to take care of it yourself, most landlords will oblige. If you can take the item with you, like light fixtures, bookcases, etc. it is probably okay to bring in.



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