Posted by: phillipsre | April 15, 2014

Property Owners: Consider Marketing Your Apartment as a Smoke Free Community

smoke_free_bigA new trend in housing is coming up, converting apartment properties into smoke free buildings. Property owners can now go beyond stating no smoking on signage or in rental advertising, instead they are getting the whole community behind a commitment to a healthier living environment. Surveys have proven that 92% of apartment residents prefer to live in smoke free housing, including 75% of the smokers! Half of these residents say they are willing to pay extra for it. For many obvious reasons, such as reducing risk of fire loss, creating a healthier living environment and curbing cleaning and painting costs — going non-smoking makes sense today.

Having a smoke free community also curbs the potential for tenant caused fires, frequently caused by smoking materials . Landlords often report second hand smoke is one of the most common complaints of residents. People with breathing problems or allergies have legal protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act. Add to the mix, Washington State’s recent legalization of Marijuana, and you may hear the complaints multiply.

Seattle & King County Public Health along with Seattle Children’s Hospital are offering to Multi-Unit rental properties an opportunity to apply for funding of up to $5000 to cover the costs associated with converting to non- smoking at a property. Pierce County Housing has staff members from the Health Department who will assist site managers, property managers and owners with data collection via surveys to determine information such as: number of smokers residing in the property, opinions of the residents and even cessation help offered to the tenants directly. During a recent implementation of this policy at a Pierce County Apartment property, county staff members polled the tenants for their thoughts, then educated them on the benefits of the program and even had contest incentives to encourage tenant involvement. They provided factual data and lease addendum terms to allow for implementation of the program. Going smoke-free creates a safer and healthier living environment for your residents and offers increased protection of your investment.

If you are interested in implementing this at your property contact your property manager or for more information visit for more information.



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