Posted by: phillipsre | May 1, 2014

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

spruceIt seems like we were just writing about Fall, Winter and Spring maintenance tips. But with the temperatures getting up into the 80’s today in Seattle, it seems like a good time to start thinking about how we should be taking care of our homes, rental properties and condos for the upcoming summer months. As it gets warmer, this is a good time to turn off your furnace and air out your home. This will also save on your energy bills. This article from MSN Real Estate has some great tips on how to give your furnace a rest over the summer and ideas for caring for other appliances around the house. This is another great article that has tips for all seasons, specifically related to the summer months, now is the time to check for any insect problems, water leaks (while it is dry outside) and cleaning and repairing your deck or patio, so you can enjoy it!

If you are a landlord, this is a good time to check in with your tenants on these maintenance issues or touch base with your property manager, so they can make sure everything is taken care of!

Enjoy the sunshine!


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