Posted by: phillipsre | July 2, 2014

Fire Safety for Your Home — #phillipsre

Fire-Safety-TipsIn light of a few different articles regarding fires in apartment buildings, it seemed appropriate to posts some information and tips on fire safety for homes, apartments and condos.  Whether the fire starts from someone smoking inside an apartment or any other accident, it is important for members of the household and tenants to have information on fire evacuation routes and safety precautions. This article from the US Fire Administration has some great tips for homes and apartments. Installing working fire alarms in the house is a great place to start, if there is a fire in the house, having an alarm can help you to get out safely before the fire gets out of control. A lot of apartments and condominiums also have sprinkler systems. Before renting any house or apartment, ensure with the landlord that all fire alarms and sprinklers (if installed) are working. Teaching children about fire safety is also very important, this link has 10 Rules for Fire Safety for Kids. With the Fourth of July coming up at the end of this week, fires and fire related injuries are generally higher this time of year, it is critical that people have the right information to keep their children, pets and homes safe.







  1. […] 100,000 homeless.This is a good time of the year for everyone to remember some very important fire safety tips. Homeowners, renters and landlords need to make sure that their properties are safe and protected. […]

  2. […] (more details here). We have discussed the importance of smoke-free housing on the blog before and some of the hazards that can come up if you are not a smoke-free property, this event will focus creating a […]

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