Posted by: phillipsre | July 10, 2014

Becoming A Landlord? Talk to a Professional — #phillipsre

apt_for_rentIf you are considering becoming a landlord, either by renting your current home or by purchasing a new investment property, there is a lot of information that you need to know before making that decision. This article from MSN Real Estate – Main Street has outlined the truths about becoming a landlord. Yes, added income to help off set the cost of your mortgage is one of the major advantages. But what happens when the tenants stop paying or starts bouncing checks? Additionally, if you are an out-of-town landlord, dealing with maintenance issues can become very challenging when you are not in the same city. As the article suggests, “engaging a property manager can provide protection and save money”. A property manager will take care of the very important screening process, getting background checks, credit scores and past landlord references. Finding an experienced property manager can save you money and stress, they know the signs of unqualified renters and can make sure to steer clear of anyone that could be a possible risk.

For more information on how a professional property manager can help you become a successful landlord, click here and contact the experienced property managers at Phillips Real Estate Services.






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