Posted by: phillipsre | August 26, 2014

How to Avoid Mold in A Rental Property

cleaning productsIn the Pacific Northwest, we are familiar with the cold and often damp days of fall and winter. With this added moisture there is a tendency for mold to grow in areas of  the home that are not well ventilated. If you are renting a single family home or an apartment in Washington, landlords and property owners are required to provide a disclosure form to tenants with information about molds and their risks, how a tenant can prevent mold, and what to do if mold occurs in a rental property. This article from the Seattle Times, written by Sean Martin from the Rental Housing Association of Washington, provides some additional information for tenants on how to avoid mold and also how to treat it if it starts to occur. The main thing to remember is to keep areas that collect moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens, well ventilated, this will allow air to circulate and will not give mold an opportunity to grow. It is also important to let your landlord or property manager know as soon as you spot mold so they can help remove it as soon as possible.


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