Posted by: phillipsre | August 28, 2014

Garden Tips and Things To Avoid

gardeningEven if summer is coming to an end and kids are going back to school soon, there is still time to take care of your garden, and take care of it correctly. Many homeowners take pride in their gardens, but often end up making mistakes that are easy to avoid. This article from MSN Real Estate lists 7 common yard blunders and how to avoid them. It is easy to go crazy with new plants and flowers, but the first tip is to keep it simple and not to go overboard. This will keep your yard looking pristine and well kept. This is a great tip for home owners, rental property owners and also owners that are thinking about selling their home, curb appeal is a major factor for home buyers and is usually the first impression when looking at homes. Additionally, it is important to understand all the plants and vegetables that you are planting so that you know the best places to plant and other areas to avoid, so that your plants get the longest life possible. Read more for other tips.



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