Posted by: phillipsre | September 25, 2014

Seattle’s Top Neighborhoods For Millennials

Gen Y


If you are between the ages of 18-34 you are part of the Millennial Generation or Generation Y (and likely reading this on your smart phone or tablet). If you are living in the Seattle area, the chances are high that you live in one of the top 12 neighborhoods for Millennials. This article from the Puget Sound Business Journal lists the 12 neighborhoods for Gen Y based on data from a recent Redfin study and the 2010 U.S. Census. Number one on the list is the University District, 82% of the residents in the U-District are Millenials, this is really not too surprising because Gen Y’ers are also college aged students. Other neighborhoods on the list include Ballard and Sunset Hill, Fremont, Phinney Ridge and South Lake Union to name a few. As the article points out, a lot of Millenials are drawn to urban neighborhoods that are close to where they work. Which is why we are seeing more office buildings from Amazon, Microsoft and even Weyerhaeuser moving in to Downtown Seattle and Pioneer Square. It looks like these companies are starting to understand, if they want to attract young, hardworking professionals, they need to have offices in desirable neighborhoods. Additionally, not all these Gen Y folks are buying their homes, they are going where the jobs are, which means they are renting and moving around a lot. Marketing your rental property to this generation is not the same as it was for Generation X or Baby Boomers, its time to get on your device and reach out to these Millenials, if you have Wi-Fi in the building, you are one step closer to sealing the deal!



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