Posted by: phillipsre | October 31, 2014

Halloween Safety Tips

halloween safetyBoo! Happy Halloween!

Whether you are dressing up, handing out candy or following your little goblins around the neighborhood, here are some helpful tips for keeping the trick-or-treaters that visit your home safe.  A few good reminders for your property include: making sure your lights are turned on, keep the path to your door is clear (roll up hoses or anything else that might get in the way) and avoid putting out any open flames out in the yard, whether its in the jack-o-lantern or decorative candles. For children, adults and pets that will be going door to door in search of candy, here are some additional tips for you. It’s always good idea to make sure your child (or you) carry a flashlight to light the way. Since most children love to dress up, its also a good idea to keep their faces clear so they can see and they have good visibility. Before the kiddos dig into their candy, parents should check and make sure it is wrapped in a sealed package (and pick out any of the good stuff first!). Last thing to remember, stay safe on the streets, watch out for all cars – since Halloween is on a Friday this year, there will likely be more parties and celebrations, which could also mean more drivers on the road after drinking, so stay extra cautious out there!


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