Posted by: phillipsre | November 14, 2014

Restrictions on Housing in Big Cities – Good or Bad for the Economy?

kinnear parkThis is an interesting article from The Washington Post, it discusses the argument that “the root of San Francisco’s (housing) tension is a mismatch of supply and demand: Affluent workers have been flocking to the area for its tech jobs, but as the number of jobs in the region has grown, the number of housing units to accommodate people taking them hasn’t remotely kept pace.” It is fair to question if the tech boom in San Francisco and in our city of Seattle is the reason for the overpriced condos and apartments and the overflowing urban density. The author of this article says no, and instead of blaming the tech industry, it is really more about the land-use policies and we should be looking at the policy makers to find out how to restrict new housing because the economic repercussions of such local decisions stretch nationwide.



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