Posted by: phillipsre | December 9, 2014

Keep Your Home Safe While You Are Away

home_safetyThe holiday season is a common time for people to travel and many people leave their homes unattended while they are away. This article from the Seattle Times has some tips on how to keep your house safe and protected while you are traveling. A couple good reminders while you are gone – don’t announce your traveling, as tempting as it might be to tell all your friends on Facebook about your trip to Hawaii – friends of friends of friends can see that post and will know that your house in unoccupied. It’s also a good idea to stop your mail or have someone house sit while you are away. Even if they don’t stay at your house, having someone collect the mail and turn lights on and off during your vacation, will give the impression that you are around. Additionally, letting your trusting neighbors know that you will be away is also a good idea, that way you can have someone keep an eye on the house and keep you posted in case anything strange happens. For more tips and ideas on how to keep your home safe, click here.



  1. It’s quick and easy to take a few simple precautions that will make breaking into your home more difficult. Your greatest weapon against a burglar is time. The more barriers you have in place, such as fences and locked doors and windows, the less attractive your home will be.

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