Posted by: phillipsre | December 16, 2014

New Site for Browsing Homes

20140715-084251-31371286.jpgThere is a new website that is set up like a “matchmaker” for home buyers and sellers. The site is called Rebls and it looks a lot like a dating or social media site, but for homes. This article from the Seattle PI, explains it in more detail.  The idea is that homeowners can make a profile of their home and buyers can browse around and get real testimonials from the owners about why they love their home so much. It is a more personalized way of shopping and searching for homes for sale and provides home buyers more information to process, before moving forward in the home buying transaction. Additionally, owners that are not actually listing their home can create a profile and if someone comes along and is interested, the two parties can be matched and at that point the owner can determine if they may be interested in selling. Once there is a match, that is when it is time to bring the licensed real estate agent to help manage the transaction. This is an interesting concept, making home buying a little more personal by adding a back story to the house. If you are in the market to buy or sell, this might be a good site to check out, but when the time comes to take action and purchase the home or list your current home, it is best to enlist the services of a professional real estate agent.


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