Posted by: phillipsre | February 12, 2015

Renting Does Make Sense

home-for-rentThe debate between renting and buying is one that is ongoing and will likely continue endlessly. There are always proponents for both sides. Those on the buying side will say that homeownership is an investment and renting is like throwing money away. This is not always the case, this article has five very good reasons why renting might just be the best choice in your current situation. For many people saving money and flexibility are on the top of the list for renting. Being able to pick up and move to a new neighborhood gives you the freedom that many homeowners do not have. Additionally, when you move frequently you tend to eliminate a lot of your belongings by purging before your move, which allows you to live more simply with less, allowing you to pick up and move or travel at a moments notice.

If you are in the market for a new rental, make sure to check out Phillips’ Rental Search page. Plenty of properties all around the city to choose from!


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