Posted by: phillipsre | February 26, 2015

How Do You Pay Rent?

rent-check-cashHow are you paying rent these days? Yes, of course you are making money and paying your rent, but how do you actually pay the rent? Do you drop a load of cash at your landlord’s door or do manage the rent payment online with the rest of your bills?

Times are changing, back in the day writing a check was the norm for rental payments, but these days landlords, property owners and property management firms are offering a variety of options to pay the rent. This article from MultiFamily Insider has some guidelines on what most property owners and rent collectors prefer. Cash might work for your property owner that you rent the basement from and you can hand it to in person, but property managers and landlords managing multiple properties would rather have your rent in an easier to track form (personal check, credit card payment and other online options). Read more to see what is preferred and make sure that you check with your landlord to confirm their preferred method of payment.


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