Posted by: phillipsre | March 3, 2015

Property Questions Answered

Do you have questions about the property you are living in or the home you just bought? This online questionsforum through the Seattle Times addresses some great questions. Are you curious as a renter what to do if you are accused of making too much noise? What about condominium association assessments – what happens if you can’t pay? And the new house you just purchased, what happens when it isn’t exactly the same as when you toured it?  These questions are answered in the Seattle Times Home Forum. The bottom line to most all the questions – seek professional help. There are landlord tenant laws for renters and if you are following your lease terms correctly you should be okay. For condominium owners, talking to legal professionals or asking your Community Association Manager for support and guidance will also help. And for home purchases, there is a reason you sign so many documents. The purchase and sale agreement includes a section on what remains in the house, making sure you have a helpful real estate agent that can skillfully communicate with the seller’s agent will be a great asset.


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