Posted by: phillipsre | March 10, 2015

Seattle Rental Rules

apt_for_rentAs a renter or a landlord, you may have been following a lot of the discussions regarding the rules for renting and what type of rights  renters have when a landlord or property owner decides to sell or renovate their building. This video program from the City of Seattle called City Inside/Out is focusing on the various changes that are in the works for renters and landlords in the city. The program has a panel discussion with experts from the Seattle Tenants Union, Seattle City Council and Rental Housing Association of Washington. In this program, they discuss the issues and questions around increasing notice for tenants when they need to relocate (generally due to sale of their building or renovations), city relocation assistance and providing the city notice when a low-income building becomes available for sale. Watch the full program for more information and to get a better understanding of the rights of tenants and how some of the new laws and regulations will change rental housing in Seattle. The main goal of the program is to focus on finding the right balance to protect both tenants and property owners as Seattle attracts thousands of new residents.


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