Posted by: phillipsre | March 24, 2015

Easy & Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Property

As a rental property owner, property manager or property seller, when the times comes to put property on the market for potential tenants or buyers it is important to make sure you property and investment are presented in the best light. This article highlights four low cost ways to improve your property. The first, and probably the most important suggestion is making sure your property has curb appeal and makes a great first impression. If the home looks neglected before the potential tenant walks in the door you are starting off on the wrong foot. With this in mind, take some time (or spend some money) on cleaning up the outside garden, do any necessary paint touch ups and give the outside a simple and clean updated look. Once the potential new resident walks in the door, make sure the home is clean, has some nice updated features, such as new door and cabinet knobs. It is also important to make sure the home smells good. It might be be a good idea to invest in an odor-eating air purifier, a lot of times just before or during an open house, real estate agents have been known to bake cookies or banana bread, so the home smells sweet and inviting. Additionally, keeping appliances (especially the refrigerator and oven) clean and sparkling will increase the property value and increase the chances of renting or selling your home quicker. Potential buyers and tenants, don’t want to walk into a new home and start thinking about all the work they need to do on the home, they want to imagine themselves moving right in, so preparing the house in advance will make that easier for them.


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