Posted by: phillipsre | April 30, 2015

Spring Leasing Season is Starting

Photo Credit: Property Management Insider

Photo Credit: Property Management Insider

Spring has sprung! And that also means that renters are looking for new homes. Whether tenants are looking to upsize, downsize, get a better deal or simply relocate, Spring tends to be the busiest time for leasing new properties. As a landlord or property manager, this is the time of year when you need to take care of any spring cleaning and maintenance issues that need addressing after the long winter. In addition to curb appeal and yard maintenance, it is important to have the best leasing specialists marketing your property. For most tenants moving in, rent will be their biggest expense. They need to feel taken care of and passionate about their new home. When leasing agents are touring potential tenants, they should feel a sense of pride and passion for the property as well. This will keep the potential tenant engaged and eager to come back. This article from Property Management Insider has some great advice on getting ready for the Spring leasing season. Making sure to point out memorable amenities at your property will be one way to win over new tenants, this apartment complex in Texas updated existing common areas that were not being used and turned the space into a  a cozy community area that encourages residents to gather and relax, and hopefully entices prospective residents on board.


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