Posted by: phillipsre | May 14, 2015

The Power of Colors

colorful_housesThe Millennial target market is one that we have talked about in the past and that gets a lot of press these days. It is likely because this is the large demographic, they have a strong buying power and a powerful voice. This article from Multi-Housing News describes how Millennials are making a big impact in the Multi-Housing world and one of the features they look for in their housing is color. As the article states, “Millennials are hyper-connected, yet place a premium on customization and self-expression. Color is a good way to appeal to those desires, by evoking a unique look and feel that attracts the Millennial demographic”.  There is a variety of information available that discusses the power of color on your mood and behavior, and for Millennials these ideas resonate with them as well. They want colors that make them feel calm and relaxed after a busy day of running around or they want to feel connected with their community and the environment, and seek organic shades that bring the outside in. Overall, this generation of renters are creative and optimistic, they want a home and community that reflects that and makes them feel welcome and comfortable.


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