Posted by: phillipsre | May 19, 2015

Traditional Real Estate Services Lead The Way

SOLDAs Summer is upon us, this is generally a busy time in the real estate market. In today’s market, there are a number of options when buyers and sellers are looking to purchase or sell a home. The traditional brokerage firms are still holding strong, as most owners like working directly with a professional and someone that has expertise in the industry. But in our changing times, the majority of buyers and sellers turn to the Internet for information, whether looking for comparable houses to the one they are looking to sell, browsing homes that are on the market or possibly looking to make the entire transaction online with a brokerage firm like Redfin. Although times are changing, traditional real estate brokers are still leading the way in terms of brokerage services. This article from the Seattle Times discusses how Redfin’s brokerage is growing in Seattle, but it still only has 3% of the market, compared to traditional brokerages. In the end, once the clients have searched the web and looked at a variety of houses, when it comes time to tour homes and put together an offer, people still need a professional real estate agent to help navigate through all the details for one of the biggest purchases of ones life.


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