Posted by: phillipsre | May 21, 2015

Seattle City Council Considers Measures to Help Affordable Housing

Townhouse 3295673The Seattle City Council is discussing a variety of measures that will provide tenants with more time if being evicted and also allow the city to get updates when multi-family properties are being sold. This article from the Seattle Times discusses the measures that the City Council will be considering. In the first measure, giving tenants more notice when they will be evicted (due to the owner or a family member moving back into the home or if the home is being sold). Currently, landlords need to give tenants 20 to 60 days notice, this measure would require landlords to give tenants 90 days notice in these situations. The second bill would require the owners of some rental buildings to provide 15 days’ notice to the Seattle Office of Housing and the Seattle Authority when intending to sell, before listing the property with a real-estate service or advertising it for sale. This gives the city the opportunity to purchase the property and provide affordable housing. The owner will still be able to make the final decision on the selling the property, but this gives more time and opportunity to the city or housing authority to buy the units rather than allowing them to be sold to private parties more likely to raise rents. For more information on these upcoming bills and others that are being considered, read the full article here. 


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