Posted by: phillipsre | June 30, 2015

Technology for Multifamily Properties

iotas-smart-home-3-970x647-cIf you are a landlord or property owner of a multifamily building, you might be considering finding new ways to automate some of the routine tasks that come up on a regular basis. There are a wide variety of easy-to-install automated technology that can mitigate property maintenance and increase energy-efficiency that property managers can take advantage. This article from the folks at Multi-Housing News highlights a few of the up and coming advances that property owners can install now. One of the first things that can be installed are Bluetooth-enabled door locks, which can be used to control doors, manage user access and track activity. Having high-tech entry will help with maintenance issues and reduce lost key problems. Another advance that would help with utility bills are programmable thermostats. This would help users to set temperature controls and avoid heating units and homes on accident when tenants are not around. Other technology that can help with maintenance and safety are smoke detectors, water detectors and other alarm systems that can alert property managers when there is an emergency. This can help minimize damage and potentially save lives in the event that the tenant is home but is unaware of the issue. For more information and details on how to increase your property’s technology exposure, click here.


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