Posted by: phillipsre | July 2, 2015

Public Lands Slated for Permitted Encampments

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Mayor Ed Murray announced this week the locations for a number of new city-owned properties most suitable for new permitted encampments to serve at least 200 individuals experiencing homelessness. This announcement from City of Seattle website, states that these encampments are not meant to be a permanent residence for these people that are without homes, but instead these managed encampments will offer the most basic resources for people, such as a 24-hour shelter with public health services, hygiene facilities, and potentially access to electricity. Helping them get a safe place to stay for the night, a place to store their belongings and connect with others. Ballard is slated to have two encampments, one on NW Market Street and another further north near 80th & 15th Ave NW. There is a lot of feedback from the public about having an encampment like this in such a busy and high traffic neighborhood as Ballard, people are concerned about the success for businesses and tourist attractions in the neighborhood, as the readers of MyBallard have discussed. In the end, the bottom line is that the Mayor and City Council are looking for ways to help those in need. Housing might not be affordable for these folks so finding them a safe, transitional place while they hopefully get themselves back on their feet is a positive move from the city. The next steps should be to work on making housing a bit more affordable for those in need and possibly finding a location for the many people living in cars, vans and buses around the city, specifically in neighborhoods.



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