Posted by: phillipsre | July 21, 2015

Are You Prepared for The Big One?

Photo Credit: Seattle Times

Photo Credit: Seattle Times

The news and the internet are all buzzing about the article from The New Yorker, which goes into great detail about The Really Big One. Meaning, the really big earthquake that is way overdue. This article discusses the ways that the West Coast from Vancouver Island to Northern California will be torn apart and the beaches will be coming into land in giant swells. It is no wonder that this article got people talking about what to do if it does happen soon. The folks at Seattle Times have put together a great article and infographic that gives readers a list and additional information for emergency preparedness. All the ideas and suggestions listed in this article are very helpful, and easy to prepare ahead of time. Having a family meet up plan and an out-of-state contact are huge components to any plan, in order to assure that your family and loved ones are safe. If you are at the beach or on the coast, make sure you know the Tsunami evacuation route as well, because you may not have a lot of time to hit the road once the shaking stops. Make sure you are familiar with the various parts of your house that might need shutting off, specifically water and gas. For more information from FEMA click here. 


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