Posted by: phillipsre | August 11, 2015

Rent or Sell? Either Way You Win!

buildingThe Seattle real estate market is booming, housing prices are up and homes are selling in less than a week in some cases. If you are considering selling your home or renting it out, you are in the right market at the right time. This article from local real estate blog, discusses both scenarios (selling or renting) in the current Seattle market. The bottom line is that people are buying houses quickly and the rental market, although there is a lot of competition and inventory available, people are still looking for rentals as a housing option. There are a lot of considerations to think about when renting your home, this article also has a lot of great questions to ask yourself before coming a landlord. Most importantly, How will you respond if your tenants say they can’t afford to pay the rent this month? and How will you find quality tenants, manage your property and collect rent? These and other questions need to be considered before becoming a landlord. If you are in the market to sell or rent your house, talking to a professional property manager is a great way to gather additional information to help you make informed decisions.


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