Posted by: phillipsre | August 13, 2015

Affordable Housing for Veteran’s

homeless_veteransThis is an interesting article from the Seattle Times regarding the need and challenge to end homelessness among Veteran’s. The article mentions that there are 662 homeless military veterans in King County. These veterans have been giving housing vouchers from the government, similar to Section 8 vouchers that are provided for low income families, yet they are still struggling to find housing. A new effort, called Operation: WelcomeOneHome, was launched on Monday but there are still some obstacles getting the vets in housing. The issues that are complicating efforts come down to the landlords. The owners and landlords need to be willing to accept more risky renters and also be willing to accept the rate of payment, which is deeply subsidized, based on a vet’s income. The local agencies and nonprofits seeking to connect vets and landlords must also be more nimble. Until there is a shift in these areas, vets will still have struggles with finding permanent housing. These veterans have fought and defended our country, the least our country can do to give back is to ensure that members of our armed forces are not left on the streets.



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