Posted by: phillipsre | September 1, 2015

Rent Control Debate Coming in September

FOR_RENT_HOUSENext month, Seattle city council members plan to discuss whether to ask the legislature to end a statewide ban on rent control. As part of a movement to create more affordable housing and add stability to a skyrocketing rental market, many see rent control as the only logical way to help low-income residents. This article and video from King 5 News has more information on the debate.  Rent control is just one of many tools to help provide more affordable housing. Other ideas for affordable housing include incentives like zoning laws that require a percentage of new buildings to either include affordable housing or owners must financially contribute to it. Additionally, offering linkage fees on new construction that would help pay for additional housing. Or possibly having more public funds, either through city bonds or levies, devoted to new affordable housing or acquiring existing affordable market-rate housing to preserve it. These ideas and more are proposed in this opinion piece, by Nick Licata, a member of the Seattle City Council. We will continue to follow this story and see what happens after the debate.


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