Posted by: phillipsre | September 17, 2015

Is Airbnb The Reason Rent is High?

home-for-rentAirbnb is a popular rental site for home owners that are away for short or long time periods. It also give visitors to different cities a more relaxed and homey feeling when in a new city. A lot of times owners are able to rent their home for more than their mortgage payments, making it a great investment or money making opportunity. This article from The Seattle Weekly last month, features one home owner who was able to quit her full time job and become an Airbnb property manager, but the question that the article brings up is, do these higher priced rentals skew the pricing for longer term or more traditional rentals? The article also highlights some of the criticism of the service which harshly, argues that these rentals displace poor city residents in favor of bourgie tourists. As a result of those sentiments, affordable-housing activists have called for extensive regulation of the service—even for shutting it down or decimating it in some areas. There are a lot of considerations to look into before offering your home as an Airbnb rental, and generally it can be a great option for investment properties, but when the prices start skyrocketing, it may be time to real it in. More information and discussion for both sides of this issue, can be found here.


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