Posted by: phillipsre | November 3, 2015

Prop I in San Francisco – Trying to Slow Gentrification

mission-district-san-francisco-hipsterThe new Proposition I in San Francisco’s Mission District is an emotional battle for those that have lived in the area for years. On the November 3rd ballot, voters will see the Proposition I, which would halt construction of market-rate housing in the Mission District for 18 months. People feel there is a need for housing, but they want the housing to be affordable and stick with the same feel as the current homes and building in the Mission District, they are trying to avoid the big, luxury condos that seem to be being built all over the cities. This article from San Francisco Chronicle features the proposition and both views of the measure.

The plan from Prop. I backers would require at least 50 percent of all new housing in the Mission be affordable to low- and middle-income residents, and that the units be available first to Mission residents. It also calls for the creation of a stabilization fund that would dedicate money from increased housing fees and property taxes back to the Mission to buy and produce affordable housing.

It is an interesting discussion on gentrification and how the people in the area don’t want to see The Mission that they have lived in change into an overbuilt city. The argument is that the people coming into the area are there because they love the rich character and culture, if it becomes overgrown, it will lose that charm.


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