Posted by: phillipsre | December 1, 2015

Staying Competitive in Property Management

technologyThere is a lot of news out these days about how to stay competitive in business and specifically in the property management industry. Today, people are connected to their screens, iPhones, iPads and laptops are all around and this is how we get our news, find information we need, shop and find our way around. If your business is not marketing online, then you might as well not be marketing at all. This is the the message Nate Kunes delivers in the November/December issue of JPM. Kunes, vice president of product management for Appfolio, laid out four strategies to stay competitive in property management, and as you can imagine, they all revolve around a new era of web-based tools. Here are his suggestions:

  1. Enhance Your Web Presence:“A poor website is worse than no website at all,” says Kunes. If it ain’t mobile-friendly, than it just ain’t.
  2. Change Your Advertising Approach:Word-of-mouth is great, he says, but an aggressive approach integrating web-based sites that list apartment vacancies reaches potential renters where they hunt–online.
  3. Stop Calling for Landlord Verification:Hang up the phone and pick up screening services “that track and share a resident’s detailed payment record,” Kunes advises. You’ll save time that can be better spent servicing tenants.
  4. Finally, Do It Digitally:Kunes advocates a paperless approach to such processes as rental applications, leases and invoices. “Valuable resources are being wasted on processes that can be automated,” he says.

Phillips Real Estate Services has been on the AppFolio platform referenced in this article for over two years now, staying ahead on the pack and taking care of their customers in a way that is progressive and convenient. Phillips clients get their property information online anytime they need it, which is what people in this day and age are looking for in a property management company.


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