Posted by: phillipsre | May 26, 2016

Seattle May Ban Rent Increase on Sub-Standard Housing

buildingThis story from KUOW discusses a new ban that may be posed to ban rent increases on “slumlord” or sub standard housing in the Seattle area. The report highlights how some low-income people are living in horrible conditions and the concern these tenants have when landlords threaten to increase rent. The Seattle City Council proposal would make it illegal for landlords to raise rents in buildings that don’t meet basic maintenance standards. The concept of an overall citywide housing inspection standard is another consideration. Making sure that all properties meet the same guidelines, so that sub standard and (in some cases) unsafe properties can’t be rented to the public. The bottom line is if you are a good landlord and take care of your properties, there should be no problem. To hear the whole story, click here.

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