Posted by: phillipsre | June 14, 2016

Tips for Buying Houses In a Competitive Market

SOLDAs the Seattle housing market stays hot, and will continue to do so through the summer, some buyers might appreciate some insight on how to get the house they want and learn how to navigate the endless bidding wars they will inevitably face. This article from the Seattle Times highlights some tips for surviving the house bidding battles. Being aggressive is probably one of the best tips on the list, staying on top of the listings and getting your offer in early will always help. Making sure your agent has a relationship with the sellers’ agent is also a great tip, which will allow your offer to stay at the top of the stack of offers. Additionally, it is always great to let everyone you know, know you are looking to buy, this way you can get information about houses before they even come on the market. Houses are selling very quickly these days, so it is important to be creative in your strategy and flexible in your timing and possibly some of your standards in order to get what works with your price and your wants. Check out the full article for more tips.




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