Posted by: phillipsre | June 29, 2016

Construction Continues in Seattle

Photo Credit: Puget Sound Business Journal

Photo Credit: Puget Sound Business Journal

If you had started thinking that the construction boom in Seattle was slowing down, think again! This article from Puget Sound Business Journal reports that the Seattle downtown area has 65 buildings either under construction or expected to start. This is a third more than a year ago, and more than any time since the Downtown Seattle Association began counting 11 years ago. But the development is not just with commercial real estate, the residential market and construction of condominium buildings is growing as well. “Just over 700 residential units have been completed this year, and 8,661 are scheduled to get done through 2017. Nearly 7,000 are being built, with the rest either still in design or just about to begin with crews razing old buildings to make way for new ones, or excavating sites.” And if you’re from out of town, don’t worry, there will be new spots for tourists and visitors as well, almost 2,940 rooms are scheduled to open in 2017-18.

This is a positive note for all involved, the rise in commercial construction brings more jobs and employment, all these new employees will have spots to live in the residential areas and the tourist economy is soaring as well, driving the need for more hotel expansion.


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